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Homebrew South Africa Carbonation Tablets (180's)
Homebrew South Africa Carbonation Tablets (180's)
Art. nr. B11244
Product Description
Carbonate your beer according to taste preference and style. Some beers (e.g. traditional English ales) require lower levels of carbonation, while others (e.g. German Weiss) need more. Also, using carbonation drops in bottles of different sizes leads to varying carbonation levels. Our new carbonation tablets allow for precise carbonation, no matter what the beer style, bottle size, or taste preference. Simply refer to the dosage table included (as a guide for use, 3 Carbonation Tablets = 1 regular carbonation drop; ie. on average, you will use 3 Carbonation Tablets in a 440ml bottle). These tablets also improve head formation and retention, especially with kit beers. NB: When using these carbonation tablets, make sure the beer is cold when you open the bottle. If the beer is too warm it might be overly foamy. Also ensure that your beer has fermented out completely when bottling to get the best results from these tablets.

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